Available Retired Adult Ragdoll Cats

and kittens Would you like TWO ragdolls - but can only afford ONE?

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WE ARE OFFERING YOUNG RAGDOLL RETIREES TO NEW HOMES WHEN YOU PURCHASE A KITTEN FROM US, for the cost of desexing and vaccination and microchip.

Note: All Adult cats that are rehomed need a commitment from the new owner, that they will allow enough time for them to adapt (however long that will be) to their new home. Adult cats take longer to settle than a kitten. Each cat is different and their personalities all vary. . Once chosen and gone to live with their new owners I am not in a position to take them back at a later stage, so think carefully before deciding.


RETIREES,Available  as at 20TH May,  2017

If you would like a pure bred ragdoll for a loving pet please email me for more info.

Ragalon Anatahlia  ( Seal Mitted Female)

raising her litter of kittens currently 9 weeks old, she will be Available soon.


Ready in a few weeks time.Preference given to those buying   a kitten from us.  











  I do have a waiting list for retirees, and would like to go on the waiting list then
please email me Pam@ragalonragdolls.com or phone me on 0400 253 465